Welcome to our Small Animal page!

We receive all types of small animals on a regular basis including guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, mice, and rabbits! It is always best to visit or call our store to get our latest availability for these adorable creatures. 

A few interesting facts about small animals:

  • Female guinea pigs are called sows, males called boars, and babies called pups. The hamster’s native habitat is the deserts of Asia.
  • Guinea pigs and humans can't make their own vitamin C, so they must have it supplemented through their diet.
  • A human year is equal to 25 hamster years.
  • The most common Guinea pig breeds are the American (short smooth coat), Abyssinian (short coat with rosettes) and the Peruvian (long haired); a wide variety of coat colors are seen.
  • Pet rats are not like their wild cousins. Pet rats are actually very lovable, affectionate, and one of the most intelligent rodent pets. They can be taught tricks, and they can even learn to help keep their cages clean.
  • Guinea pigs are born with their eyes open and all their fur.
  • Guinea pigs communicate with one another by making sounds - there are 13 distinct sounds a guinea pig makes.
  • Baby hamsters are called 'puppies'.
  • Hamsters are color blind.

Come visit us to see our current selection and what is on sale!

Some of the types of small animals we carry:

  • Sugar Gliders
  • Hedgehogs
  • Praire Dogs
  • Gerbils
  • Chinese Hamsters
  • Russian Dwarf Hamster
  • Shorthair Hamsters
  • Teddy Bear Hamsters
  • Robohamsters
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Lionhead Bunnies
  • Mini Rex Bunnies
  • Holand Loop Bunnies
  • Dwarf Bunnies
  • Ferrets